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Gateway to the Okavango Delta

Moremi Game Reserve and the Okavango Delta are quite phenomenal areas to explore – for a really great adventure that explores these prime wildlife areas full of scenic beauty. Mochaba Crossing is the perfect start and end point for both areas. You have the choice between being completely independent and exploring Moremi Game Reserve in your own vehicle or rather join any of the activities we offer with one of our experienced local guides; full day game drives in Moremi Game Reserve, full day mokoro excursion, as well as a village walk to give one an appreciation of the culture of the people living in the area.


  • Full Day Game drives in Moremi Game Reserve

  • Full Day Mokoro excursion in the OKMCT Community Concession
  • Half Day Mokoro excursion in the OKMCT Community Concession
  • Cultural Village Walks